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Our best selling guitar

38" Acoustic Guitar


Great for beginners

38″ cutaway guitar with linden wood top, back and side. A light guitar perfect for students, beginners and even intermediate player. As it is lightweight, it makes it easy for travelling. The body has a polish finish look.

If you are new to guitar, a student or just looking for a guitar to play for leisure and social settings, this is the perfect guitar for you. It is affordable and yet, it generates great sound.

Great Sound

Hardwood Fingerboard

Built with hardwood fingerboard is easy to handle, soft to work with and it will give you the mixture tone between warmness and balanced, bright sound that is pleasing to the ear. It also gives a naturally slick, fast and smooth feel when playing. Frets made from yellow brass, give it just about the right balance to the overall guitar tone.

Neck made from NATO wood, making sure that your guitar will be strong and reliable.

Suitable for any social settings

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